It is summertime and we live in one of the sunniest places around, Las Vegas Nevada. Not only is it sunny it is also notorious for drinking and having fun. I figure since it is the perfect combination for refreshing libations I would share some really great recipes. The first one involves turning wine into ice cubes. What could be more fun than that? If you have anymore questions about this drink please let me know and I can put you in touch with guy who introduced me to this wonderful cocktail, my friend John who owns window tinting Las Vegas



  • 1 bottle of dry Rose wine
  • 2 cups fresh strawberries
  • 1 tbsp of sugar
  • ½ cup vodka
  • 2 tbsp of grenadine (optional)


  1. Pour the wine into ice cube trays and freeze 8 hours or overnight
  2. In a blender combined strawberries and sugar, gently stir and let set for about 10 minutes
  3. Add vodka, ice cubes, and grenadine and blend until smooth
  4. Pour into glasses and garnish with fresh whole strawberries
  5. Enjoy!

This is a great drink to serve at evening cocktail parties or a nice Sunday brunch. It would be delightful and refreshing with nice little cucumber sandwiches.

Another super refreshing cocktail is sometimes referred to as “Hippie Juice” (more…)

Let’s Make Some Beer!


Brewing is a blend of scientific research and art. This often-used saying has actual benefit when you consider its significance. In the search of great draft beer, a notified brewer draws from microbiology, chemistry, biochemistry, food scientific research, mathematics, and also engineering concepts often. Similar to superb laboratory method is critical to good science, a strong command of brewing technique is additionally needed for regularly outstanding draft beer.

The art of brewing enters play when brewers draw from their understanding, see, as well as offered techniques and also tools to develop new draft beers as well as developing strategies. In a specific feeling, all the developing expertise as well as strategy in the world is useless unless it is correctly and creatively applied. This is the brewer’s art.

Enthusiasts, like my good friend that owns a carpet cleaning business here in Las Vegas Go To Website,  in general like to determine their skill level with terms such as newbie, intermediate or innovative. As well as it’s quite simple to detect, state, an intermediate: He’s the man smacking down the black-diamond slope.

Brewing is one of those hobbies where ability level is tough to define. A newbie maker, for instance, can brewing a beer that blows the socks off a batch made by an experienced veteran. Is this brewer a prodigy, plain fortunate, or incredibly proficient at complying with the directions on that particular excellent set he obtained for his birthday celebration? One method to define an advanced maker is that he fits the complying with four-point account:

An advanced brewer is usually, but not always, an all-grain maker. The majority of advanced makers prefer all-grain developing because of the added liberty.
An advanced maker should have an open mind. He must aspire to obtain from the routine of following instructions and also pursue the art of brewing.
A sophisticated maker should be educated about beer as well as brewing and also have great technique.
An innovative brewer continually increases his data base.
If you fit this profile, these ideas will certainly offer you suggestions on how you can come to be much more progressed in this great pastime. If you’re on your means to signing up with the innovative ranks, they could help you refine your abilities.

Chuck the Recipes
Brewing shares numerous common traits with food preparation, including recipes. Recipes are an outstanding approach of interacting the details of how something is made. This is fantastic for restaurants that need to deliver the same plate of pasta day in day out.

Chefs use recipes, but a real chef will certainly use a recipe as a quite basic standard in an attempt to put his own twist on another’s concept.

Newbie and also intermediate brewers locate convenience in dishes since they minimize the threat of a design problem. Advanced brewers ultimately expand out of recipes due to the fact that recipes are, by interpretation, restrictive.

Learning to review a dish in basic terms. Your encounter may throw a flag that you are not going to such as the flavor produced by the dish.

Does it fit with just how your system is designed? If not, alter it!

When you see a recipe, you ought to take a tough appearance at the malts, the original gravity, the resentment, as well as the kind of draft beer. On the various other hand, you must absolutely look at information that pertains to the draft beer’s flavor.

Crunch Those Numbers!
There are numerous various techniques for calculating a brew. Whatever methods you use, a sophisticated brewer ought to be able to establish his system performance and formulate malt and hop blends to hit a target wort gravity at a target anger level.
The only means to assess other brewers’ recipes or come to be totally devoid of them is by discovering ways to effectively do developing calculations. The other power you gain is to review a draft beer summary and formulate a close estimate of the beer. Several breweries currently explain their draft beers in maker’s terms as a result of more experienced customers. If you recognize an IPA consists of British pale, crystal, and wheat malts; has an OG of 1.065 and also 50 IBUs; and also is completely dry jumped with British scent hops, you can effortlessly determine this mixture.
The action thing to accompany this suggestion is to select useful calculations from the literature you feel comfortable with and also include them to your bag of tricks.
Inquiry the Relevance of Design
Beer designs assist makers inform draft beer drinkers regarding their draft beer. Styles can likewise be utilized to classify beers for competitions, making it simpler for judges to specify and also evaluate numerous beers.
Designs could additionally obstruct of developing if taken also seriously. Too many beers have actually been knocked due to the fact that they were wrongly labeled. “Bob’s IPA was awful – it was way under-hopped as well as its OG was as well low to be an IPA.
Too bad. It would have been a wonderful ESB.” Advanced brewers should review a draft beer by its flavor account first and afterwards figure out whether it is identified with the appropriate style
A no-style ideology additionally makes it simpler to be imaginative since brand-new draft beers can be approved even if they do not conform with a well-known design. The Wonderful American Beer Festival currently has an “speculative” category for draft beers that do not fit the conventional style.
Enhance the Depth of Your Brewing Expertise
There’s something fascinating with brewing and disputing – really few brewers (or homebrewers, for that issue) discuss the very same interpretation of any provided concern. An advanced maker should recognize sufficient about these warm topics to establish his very own beliefs. A sophisticated maker must be able to defend his position on such issues.
Pick up from the Giants of the Industry
Also lots of small-scale makers (homebrewers and also craft makers) spend means also much time bad-mouthing large makers. A little brewery may squeak out 1,200 barrels of beer a year – that’s approximately 0.0006 percent of annual residential draft beer sales.
Some past experimental mixtures from the business R&D facility of a rather large brewery situated along the Mississippi River were truly exceptional draft beers. These beers will certainly never ever be offered readily due to the fact that the market is as well tiny, however they proved that these business can do about anything they desire.
Learning exactly how the large breweries do exactly what they do and also you are sure to get some beneficial info. This does not mean you have to begin brewing light draft beer in your home, yet a lot of the methods used by the big breweries are quite glossy and also could offer homebrewers new ideas.
Develop Your Palate
It’s hard to be important of your personal draft beer. Besides, rationale is to make beer at home that you like. Being your own worst doubter can be extremely preventing sometimes, however it is additionally crucial to enhancement.
There are lots of points a maker can discover from books, publications, as well as see. It is extremely difficult to educate your taste buds without learning to identify the fragrances usually encountered in draft beer.
As soon as your taste is developed, then the link between ingredients, process, as well as flavor can be made. This is perhaps the single crucial ability needed to be an outstanding brewer.
Experiment with Raw Products
Recognizing exactly how different malts, jumps, yeast, and also water affect flavor, shade, and also the brewing procedure (for instance, rye and lautering) is vital. This knowledge serves when formulating new dishes or customizing a recipe you want to attempt. One of the active ingredients that interests play with is malt. All crystal malts are made utilizing a similar process, malts from various malt houses have different flavors. Subjecting on your own to a wide variety of maltsters is an excellent way of discovering subtle and intriguing flavors. When you are tasting draft beers as well as wondering where a specific taste originated from, typically you will certainly find a certain malt was the vital to duplicating the taste.
The exact same thinking can be put on jumps, yeast, as well as water. Understanding your hops is especially beneficial when you are required to replace one selection for an additional. It also comes in convenient when you are formulating a new recipe: You could scent and taste the hop flavor you prefer, and should choose exactly what selection (or ranges) to make use of in order to that flavor. Among the benefits of recognizing your components is the capability to produce a signature flavor in your beers.
Take the Uniformity Challenge
One of the fantastic advantages to homebrewing is having the flexibility to brew almost anything, anytime. Commercial makers, especially those that started as homebrewers, are envious of this imaginative liberty. One drawback to innovative flexibility is that several homebrewers are constantly attempting various dishes and hardly ever make the very same draft beer over and over once more.
Pick among your favored brews to become a stock beer. The challenge is to brew the very same beer a number of times to evaluate your capacity to be regular. When you end up being regular, you can after that proceed making extremely small changes in your stock draft beer dish and procedure to learning how you can make improvements a draft beer. This can be a really beneficial discovering device because it allows you to show exactly how particular components as well as methods affect the completed beer.
If you determine to provide this concept a shot, you can do some informal sensory-evaluation panels with your developing pals to examine just how similar your stock draft beer is from set to batch. A blind tasting is also a great way to examine your taste; as an example, if you
and your brewing companion are tasting a beer from the very same batch and bottle, and also locate yourselves describing substantial differences, a person most likely needs a bit much more sensory training.

Beer and Wine Convention in Las Vegas


First of all let’s lead off with this. If you are ever in need of a good quality towing company in Las Vegas, please give these guys a call. Our car broke down right after we left the hotel to visit some friends that lived in town. Anyway Vegas Towing Service treated us like royalty the whole way through our ordeal and we would like to give them a big shout out for the help provided us in our time of need.

Ok after our awesome breakdown we finally got to our friends house and started the party. Our initial goal was to not drink anything until we got to the convention, buuuuuut we ended up having a few with our close friends and fell from grace. No big deal right? Right! That’s what we said too. We ended up getting pretty drunk with them and we were late for all the tastings we had planned. OOps!

Moral of the story is try to stick to your plan when you’re in Vegas cuz things can get out of hand fast in Sin City LOL!

Finally arrived at the Las Vegas Convention Center three sheets to the wind and felt awful about it. Until we went inside that is! Everyone else was shit faced too! YAY!!

We were saved and ended up having the time of our lives running around the joint tasting some of the yummiest beer and wine on the planet.

This trip was supposed to help us in our liquor store business by guiding us in picking wine, beer, and spirits for our store. We left knowing nothing more than how to get a great buzz and laugh harder than we had ever before. Las Vegas was a great trip but a lost business opportunity. But hey everything happens for a reason right? Yep!

What Goes Best With What Wine?


Many of us enjoy to drink a glass of wine with our meal but we don’t always know what wines pairs best with what foods. There are so many variations of reds and whites out there you would need to go to school for years to figure it out, it seems.

So I decided to put together a quick little cheat sheet on food and wine pairings.

One of my favorite wines to drink is a red Zinfandel. A Zin is a full flavored wine that is a bit spicy or peppery. Here are some foods that bring out the best in the wine or vice versa.

  • Beef (especially spicy)Wine glass
  • Tomatoes
  • Basil and Oregano

*A great dish would be a nice Bolognese*

Another great red is Merlot. It is usually more mid than a Cabernet or a Zin.

  • Tuna or Salmon
  • Mushrooms
  • Citrus cream sauce


How to make Beer


“Whiskey for my men, beer for my horses”, no thanks I’ll take beer for myselfBeer

Beer drinking has evolved quite a bit since the days of drinking as many PBR’s as possible just to get a slight buzz. Beer making these days is an art form. Beer, like wine, will take on different tastes due to different regions. Water from certain sources will give beer a different taste as will the kind of hops used in brewing.

There are several ale houses in Montana that I have been to. Here are just a few:

  • Montana Ale Works – Bozeman, MT. They have over 40 beers on tap including IPAs, Porters, Ales, Lagers, wheat beers, and gluten free beer. The cool thing about his ale house is they also serve locally grown beef and bison. Yummy!
  • Montana Brewin
    g Company – Billings, MT. Fat Belly Amber, Sandbagger Gold, and Whitetale Wheat are just a few of their tasty award winning brews. This brew house also offers a full menu to compliment you beer of choice.
  • Carter’s Brewing – Billings, MT. This brew house all started with a home brewing kit and a dream. There beers are award winning and served at several local restaurants throughout Montana.

Now that where know where to find some of these great beers, let’s talk a little about the process that goes into making a fabulous beer.

First, things you will need:

  • A Large Pot – at least 3 gallons
  • Tubing & Clamp – to siphon and bottle the beer- A 6 foot section of 3/8″ ID food grade plastic tubing will work. Clamps are available at your brew store
  • An Airtight Fermenting Bucket – a 5 gal plastic bucket with lid, or a glass ca
  • An Air Lock and Stopper – sized to fit your fermenter
  • A Bottle Filler – available from your homebrew supplier – should be sized to fit on the end of your siphon tubing
  • A Thermometer – A floating thermometer with a range of 0-100 C or up from 32-220 F
  • Bottles – You need just over 2 cases in 12 oz bottles to bottle 5 gallons of beer.
  • A Bottle Capper – a hand driven device to cap your bottles also available from your homebrew store
  • Bottle Caps – New bottle caps sold at your brewing supplier – you need about 50 caps for a 5 gal batch
  • A Sanitizing solution – Beer is prone to infection, so everything must be sanitized before use. Household bleach can be used, but it must be thoroughly rinsed to prevent contamination

5 Gallons of simple ale will require the following ingredients:

– 6 pounds of unhoped pale malt extract

– 2.25 ounces of hops

– 1 package of American ale liquid yeast

– 2/3 cup of priming sugar (i.e. corn sugar)

  1. Boiling malt extract and hops together in the 3 gallon pot that is filled with water for about an an hour
  2. Cool this mixture to room temperature and transfer to the fermenter. Here you can had more water to make the 5 gallon batch. Add the yeast to the room temperature mixture. Ensure sterility and the fermentation process will take about 2 weeks.
  3. You will mix the priming sugars in this step. Then siphon the beer in the bottles and cap them
  4. This is the aging step. Let it sit for 3-6 weeks and carbon dioxide will create the carbonation in the beer
  5. Chill the beer, pop the top, drink and enjoy!



Grape Traditions


Whatever your woe, whatever your sorrow

A glass of wine, from me you can borrow

No matter your preference, whether white or red

I can offer you one that will heal your head.

We will drink, we will laugh, we will bond

We will toast to this day and the ones beyond

Our hearts will be full and our glasses empty

Our future will hold joys aplenty


Oh wine, how so many of us love you. But how many of us know the history of wine? We know for sure it has been around since 3000 B.C. and maybe even before that. How can anyone go wrong with that kind of history J

In ancient Rome wine was a major part of their diet and was a lucrative business. Many of the wine making practices from then are still used today in. They also infused herbs in their wince and the wines were used for medicinal purposes. I can get on board with that! I use it for mental problems from time to time and it never fails me lol. When the Roman Empire collapsed wine contWineinued to be produced by the Church.

Another interesting thing about wine is the history of the names. Many of them are named according the region where they are produced. For instance, Chianti is made in Chianti which is in Tuscany, Italy. Another way wines get their name is dependent on the grape variety. I did not know that there were grapes named Cabernet Sauvignon, hence the name, and might I add the exquisite taste! Love me some red wine. You may also be surprised to know that Pinot Noir and Burgundy are the same wine.

Wine is actually very spiritual when you think about. Passionate wine makes believe that the sun, moon, soil, rain, and climate all play a role in how the wine is going to taste. Which is also why wines made from the same grape but different countries will taste completely differently.

Wine, whether red or wine, can truly enhance your dining
besides just the pleasure centers of your brain. So next time we will talk about pairing wines with food to bring out the best in both. Hope you’ll join me again.

Until then wishing you “Grape Expectations”……

Until i get some stuff organized please feel free to stick around and watch this awesome video.